Wake up call

Ignorance is bliss - an old-fashioned, but still relevant saying. Children who are trapped need our voice for them to be heard; as a group, but also as an individual. Will you participate in and support our efforts?

Our volunteers

We are nothing without our volunteeres. The interaction between them is very special and regularly the effect of the COSTUME, the SMILE and the PICTURES. Will you help us? We are happy with your support!

The children

Are you one of the children mentioned in our message? Do you feel that you know what you need to be able to recover? Is there nobody to help you? Maybe we can. Get in touch.

5 special minutes

As the 5 Special Minutes Foundation, we are known for our unique image, our “the child next door” policy and the opportunity for children.

Every year we restart our unique campaign for children who are abused, mistreated or neglected.

With that campaign we ask, in style and with elan, your attention for the children who so badly need your help – positive thoughts, approach and smile. Each of these affected children, worldwide, lives with someone in the street or just around the corner….

We may not know it, but they are out there!

During the 5 Special Minutes – the last 5 minutes before Christmas – we ask for worldwide attention to children who are physically, mentally and/or sexually abused.

You can support this with positive thoughts, a wish in the Christmas tree, a poem on our Facebook page, prayer, through meditation, lighting a candle; whatever suits you.

We invite everyone to participate, in whichever time zone you may be!

Goal 1 – making 5 minutes special, together.

“Every thought that falls into the soul is a seed that germinates and grows.” Buddha

In our opinion, more could have changed by now.

200 years after van Houten’s Children’s Act, children who have undergone physical, mental, sexual or emotional violence are still left out in the cold.

Hence our annual call for the 5 Special Minutes, worldwide, in every time zone.

By being aware of these children, we develop social control that works preventively for every child, anywhere in the world.

All those people participating in the WAVE around the world are making a difference! Will you join us?

Goal 2: be approachable for children who fall inbetween the cracks.

All those grownups know all too well how to help a child recover.

But what if that child has a (better) idea? What if nobody is listening? Helps them? Or destroys an idea?

Are you one of those children? And is nobody listening to you? Please send us a message which explains your idea to us. Including the HOW, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY.

If you include the contact details of your care taker we will reach out to see how we can support and help execute your idea together.

We will always contact you, that’s our promise!

Please do let us know how to reach you, otherwise we will be waiting for each other and we’d like to prevent that from happening.



Are you an internationally oriented journalist? And would you like to help us to broaden the attention 5 Special Minutes gets? To continuously remind people that children are experiencing abuse every day and everywhere? Even in their own street or just around the corner? Let’s create more awareness for the wellbeing of these children – together!


Every action leads to a reaction

Wherever we appear – town or village – there is always a reaction; a photo, a smile and a child so charmed by our LOOK that it makes the hours of preparation worth it.

That’s great, but what do we do with it?

Often donations are made to alleviate the costs we incur.

That’s great, because we are an organization without any form of subsidy, without V.I.P. support and without the financial involvement of a long list of benefactors.

But those efforts are not enough yet to finance the ANP reports and attract an international journalist. That would make that WAVE around the world so much more powerful and effective.

But what if, in addition to your (small) donation, you could interest, activate, enthuse the circle around you?

That would positively blow up our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and create a powerful WAVE on December 24 in every time zone from 23:55h to 00:00h.

That will take us so much further, won’t it?

Are you in?

Doneren Vrijwilliger