About us

A collective awareness for child suffering, that is what we stand and aim for.

Every year, approximately 180,000 children are abused or neglected in the Netherlands. Every week, a child in the Netherlands dies as a result of abuse. Some children have to wait up to 125 days for help. The 5 Special Minutes Foundation relies on data from, among others, the Ministry of Justice and the Advice and Reporting Center for Child Abuse and Neglect.

The 5 Special Minutes Foundation arose from the success of the 5 Special Minutes column. The column called for a collective awareness of child suffering.

The column has made more and more people realize that this almost forgotten group of children live in their own street, village or city.

A growing number of people agrees that something has to be done. Not only to protect children, but also to get child suffering (higher) on the political agenda.

And it work

The foundation shakes things up, charmingly.

Founder Mary-Rose Kolkman brought the foundation to life on October 1, 2014. She came up with a unique appearance: the clothing of all volunteers was brought back 200 years during the campaign days, to indicate that so little has changed in 200 years.

And with success! This unique appearance has a charming pull technique that is recognized and praised.

Since the foundation was established, various volunteers and donors have contributed before, during and after campaign days.

In addition, the foundation helps children who have been victimized by physical, mental, sexual and/or emotional abuse. We listen to their unique wishes that help them heal and try to make those wishes come true when they can’t turn to any other institution for this.